V2 Cigs Couples Kit

There are many people who smoke cigarettes and there are also many different smokers that are in a relationship. Couples smoke together in many different relationships and aside from couples smoking there are many that wish to stop this habit. If one person in the relationship happens to want to quit smoking it can either cause the other to join or bring the potential quitter back into wanting to smoke because of their use. It is harder for one person in the couple to quit when the other partner is still engaging in smoking. The best way to help both in the relationship quit smoking is to purchase a couples kit. The couples kit is created to assist both parties to quit smoking by providing each partner with their own individual supply of e-cigarettes.

By purchasing the couples kit, the partners can get a huge discount in contrast to having to purchase individual kits separately. Through the process the couple can enjoy the journey to quitting together rather than on their own. The new kit comes with many features that were not available in the previous couples kit that other couples used to quit smoking.

What Comes In a V2 Cigs Couples Kit

The V2 couples starter kit comes with the blow items for the couple to begin their e-cigarette use:K05a-White-battery__96145_zoom

  • Twenty V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • Two Wall Adapters
  • Two Smart Chargers
  • Two V2 Instruction Manuals
  • Four V2 Batteries

The above pieces of equipment are available upon purchase to ensure that both devices work properly and also offer the user everything they need so that they don’t need to spend additional money. The cartridges that are available with the kit can be chosen as four are offered in the kit. The different flavors that can be chosen by the couples are the following:

  • V2 Red (American Tobacco)
  • Sahara (Turkish Tobacco)
  • Congress (Refined Tobacco)
  • V2 Menthol (Mint Taste)
  • Peppermint (Sweet Mint Taste)
  • Green Tea Menthol
  • Grape Flavor
  • Cherry Flavor
  • Chocolate Flavor
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • V2 Cola

The array of flavors can help to give the couple a number of different flavors to try for enjoyment. When it comes to the liquids or cartridges for e-cigarettes the user must find a flavor they enjoy for the process to be successful.  The couples kit is also a great way to bond when quiting smoker and with this killer V2 cigs coupon, you can have it more affordable then ever!